Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an easy and efficient way of implementing all of Google’s marketing tags, a wide range of third-party marketing tags, and website and app analytics so that you can understand marketing performance and website behavior.

Google Tag Management System

Simple, Reliable, Easily Integrated Tag Management

Though a separate product from Google Analytics, GTM works great in conjunction by providing a technology for you to add and update your website tags, easily and whenever you want, without bugging the IT folks. And just like Google Analytics Standard, GTM is a free tool from Google.

Benefit from the Experience of Long-Time Certified Partner

By working with Blast, a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner approved to specifically support Google Tag Manager, you get the experience of a team who has worked on complex GTM solutions involving multi-site ecosystems, a multitude of tags and a sophisticated data layer.

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Google Tag Manager was designed with marketers in mind, but webmasters and IT folks will love it too, thanks to features like user permissions, automated error checking, and the Debug Console.

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Peace of mind

GTM’s security features, error checking and speed means all your tags will work without impacting the performance or security of your site.

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Easy Testing

You want specific tags to work at specific times, for example, when a user signs up for your newsletter or reaches a “thank you” page after a purchase. That’s why Google Tag Manager includes event driven-data layer technology that, combined with expertise from a long-time certified partner, your development team will find a breeze to implement into your technology stack.

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You want specific tags to work at specific times, like when a user reaches a thank-you page after a purchase. That’s why Google Tag Manager lets you create custom rules and macros to collect exactly the right information at the right time.

Plays well with others

Plays well with others

Google Tag Manager supports Google and third-party marketing tags, many with built-in templates. So you can quickly adopt new marketing tools whenever you’re ready. If there isn’t a built-in template available, we can build one for you with custom templates.