Google Analytics E-Commerce

E-commerce tracking incorporates essential transaction and product based data into your Google Analytics

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce provides a comprehensive view of the visitor’s journey from acquisition to browsing products, and through each stage of the checkout process.

The detailed product-centric information captured adds a major dimension to your Google Analytics data, and helps you more accurately assess the effectiveness and performance of your AdWords, SEO, on-site and off-site marketing campaigns.

It also provides enormous flexibility to capture your own business and website specific data and bring it into Google Analytics. Thus increasing the relevance of the information collected and the scope for optimising the presentation, structure and operation of your ecommerce website.

Use Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce to improve conversion rates:

  • Highlight the pinch points in the shopping process where customers are lost
  • Understand where product positions on pages and in search results influence visitor’s propensity to purchase
  • Assess the impact of providing coupon and promotional codes
  • See the performance of products on special promotional pages
  • Assess the effectiveness of on-site offers
  • Investigate why products are not selling: are they being viewed and rejected or is no one finding the them?
  • Assess the value and impact of affiliate relationships
  • See step by step analysis of the shopping process and checkout behaviour
  • Cross-analyse product sales by multiple criteria such as product category, brand or colour
  • Returning customer analysis