Hi I’m Jason Riddle

I am an experienced analyst, certified in Google Analytics and a qualified trainer. I also have security clearance to work for government departments.

For the majority of my 30 year career I have helped bridge the gap between data, IT and business decision making. This has given me a broad range of experience and skills covering the collection, analysis and interpretation of website and other data. As well as experience communicating at all levels of an organisation.

I had been using web analysis tools, including Google Analytics, for over a decade and in 2014 decided to specialise in this area and started Analytics Doctor.

I work with organisations to help them collect, report and analyse the data about their website visitors; to understand what it is telling them and to use it to improve decision making.

My clients range from small and medium businesses to large corporations as well as digital marketing agencies, charities and government departments.

They operate in a wide range of sectors, including retail, recruitment, finance and health, and include e-commerce, SAAS and comparison websites. Many of them operate internationally.

I am regularly involved in projects of all types including GA audits, implementations, e-commerce, data layer design, tracking custom web applications and using Google Data Studio to build custom reporting dashboards that bring an organisations Google Analytics, social media and custom data together in one place for reporting and analysis.

This gives me a broad view of a wide range industries, web-based technologies and customer experiences to draw upon.

Jason Riddle